Thursday, January 27, 2011

Karlsruhe dankt ab - Prantl in der SZ

Das Bundesverfassungsgericht schleicht sich aus dem Grundrechtsschutz für Flüchtlinge heraus. Es verlässt sich erneut darauf, dass die Politik alles richtig machen wird - und degradiert sich mit dieser Entscheidung selbst.
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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Global Organisation as Text in Context, Call for papers - 6th ECPR General Conference (25th - 27th Aug. 2011)

For a panel on "Global Organisation as Text in Context" at the ECPR General Conference, Section 82: "Developments of and in International Organisations – From Interstate Cooperation to Global Order?" we are calling for paper proposals  (Deadline Feb 1, 2011).

International Organisations/Institutions and discourse are not mutually exclusive. Focussing on the institutionalisation of discourses and on the discursive production and reproduction of institutions, the panel is based on the assumption that discourses and institutions are inextricably intertwined and, thus, should be analysed accordingly. In terms of empirical studies, a textual perspective allows to access the micropolitics of institutions and international organisations.
We are interested in the discursive processes that bring forth what Max Weber has called the “congealed spirit [...] embodied in that living machine which is represented by bureaucratic organisation with its specialisation of trained, technical work, its delimitation of areas of responsibility, its regulations and its graduated hierarchy of relations of obedience”. Against the background of a renewed interest in the formalisation of institutions, for instance in the context of debates about global constitutionalisation, the panel engages with the self-generative processes of (highly) formalised institutions, i.e. IOs.
Questions for papers in the frame of this panel could include:
How is the social context of international organisations/institutions reflected in their institutional discourses? What is the relation between organisations and their social/political environment? How do institutions structure their discursive arenas – and the subject positions connected to them?

All paper proposals must be submitted via email and online under
(Deadline: Feb 1, 2011)